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I put up a couple longish posts on the Facebook page but thought I'd add an update here. Just for fun I've been making a map for a fake expansion to Everquest for the Plane of Greed after seeing these maps done for old DnD adventures. Mine are nowhere near the level of Mr. Thompsons' of course, but I learn by emulating and admire the work, plus I had kicked around the idea for a Plane of Greed chapter in the comics but just couldn't fit it in anytime soon so it gave me something to play with. With all the complaints about the most recent EQ expansion I started approaching it half as a way to crack jokes and half as what I think would be neat as an expansion or to see in game. Since it quickly became a pretty big map I decided to just put it up on facebook a zone at a time, but now that there's more than one zone done I'm adding a link to the overall map here:

The Plane of Greed Map


Happy Holidays! It occurs to me I really should post something here so there's more indication than just the strips updating, I just usually don't have anything to say. But as with other areas I will make an effort to do so. Hope everyone's having a nice holiday season, welcome back to those checking the site again sorry for going crazy for awhile, I generally post more to the comics facebook site than on the news here so check there for strip updates and such. Trying to clean a few things up here, not the best at html so facebook is faster as I am lazy but did put all wallpapers up in the bonus tab for today.


Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day, not my favorite "holiday" but know some people actually enjoy the whole production without it being an annoyance or obligation and use the opportunity to show how they feel to someone which is always a good thing. Personally just think of it like other holidays you're expected to spend money in the seasonal aisle for, a nice thought you should have year round turned into an institution that you're supposed to spend money in the seasonal aisle for once a year. But I'm a grouch, just thought I'd gripe as something to write here trying to keep up with communicating. On strip news, both of these strips were done with Illustrator for the lineart which was much faster this time around and ended up looking much better imo anyway so I'll more than likely be sticking with this method and trying to improve in this direction for now, mostly focusing on getting enough practice to put strips out in a timely fashion before learning anything more fancy and will of course try to make sure writing doesn't fall behind in preference to art.


Happy New Years everyone, as you should hopefully be able to see on the page there's now a WTF Facebook page to go to. I warn you now I hate Facebook and am obviously not good at dealing with people, but the page is there for everyone to enjoy and use to connect with each other and grow. I'll keep trying to figure out Facebook and utilize it just bear with it.



KFC is in game (snicker), I have to say the recipe for it is a bit odd, I was hoping to have a use for my frying pan and have it mirror the RL recipe. But being able to make KFC in EQ is just too funny to really complain at all. I have to offer my great thanks to all the devs and people in charge and especially to Zatozia, who passed on my request for my own private in joke, the prize itself was wonderful but Kunark Fried Cockatrice specifically brings a smile to my face every time I see it.


Hi all, Straha update here, sorry for not messing with the news for so long, dealing with people has gotten harder for me but I'm working on it. There are a few newsworthy positive things to share though, as most know I won the Allakhazam's contest and received a laptop. This was quite stunning as I never win anything and was unaware of the contest which was apparently based on amount of posts to their wiki while I was posting some of my collected lore files to clean up my laggy computer that needed to be replaced... so that worked out well!

Winning that was amazing enough but I also seem to have got second in Everquest's Anniversary contest. A wallpaper version of the image is free for everybody here and among the prizes for the contest is a food or drink item named after the winners. I begged and pestered for Straha's Kunark Fried Cockatrice, the KFC joke was too much to resist since I live in Kentucky and I always wanted to see that in game so hopefully some Colonel Straha's KFC will make it's way into EQ. Regardless it was an honor to get 2nd and I got to meet Zatozia in game too, she's the Community Relations Manager for EQ for those who don't know, she's quite nice and does great work. She actually wanted to do one of those community spotlight things on me and sent me the questions for it, which I proceeded to ramble and pontificate on while answering so there may be an exceeding long player's spotlight on me in the future.

New wallpaper and strips going out now for donators who are greatly appreciated for all their generosity in these tough times, wouldn't be able to pay my mom's taxes without your help so thank you all very much!


Vex here!
Time for me to play with the news. So! As I really have nothing of huge impact to say.. Welcome to the site and enjoy what you see! Stop by the forums and say hello. It's always nice to meet new folks! Check out the Artwork and Stories contributed by some other fans of the comic. You'll be amazed at the sheer amount of talent that abounds. :)


On Halloween, Ticka from the Lanys / Seventh Hammer server, Raid Leader for Memento Reejeryn and all around great person died in a car accident. While I didn't know Ticka personally, which is my loss, many of my friends in game did and sorely miss him and mourn his passing. The relationships that are forged in these virtual environments and the friends made are as real as any other and when one of those friends passes on we mourn their passing in a very real way. I'd simply like to offer my condolences on behalf of WTF Comics to his family and many friends.


Still working things out, Links now point to new email address for Straha and the new php board. Efforts are still underway to recover data from old board and integrate.

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